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Caina - Hands That Pluck 2CD 2011

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Label: Profound Lore 
Genre: Black Metal 
Quality: 242 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo 
Size: 232.01 MB 
Playing Time: 124:16 min

2011 release from Andrew Curtis-Brignell AKA Caina. His unique vision has been described as a mix of Burzum, Mogwai and The Red House Painters, or as if 4AD, Mute, or Matador had released a black metal album. Hands That Pluck is Caina's most ambitious work to date. Epic, progressive and visceral, it is a culmination of years spent developing an idiosyncratic sound. Assisting Curtis-Brignell on the album are three guest vocalists: Lord Imperial from cult black metal band Krieg, Rennie Resmini of hardcore group Starkweather and Chris Ross of Blood Revolt / Revenge / Axis of Advance fame. Though Hands That Pluck is priced as a single CD, it includes a bonus disc titled Old Songs, New Chords featuring reinterpretations of four classic Caina tracks, remastered versions of the originals, and a Nico cover.


01. Profane Inheritors ( 5:20) 
02. Murrain (10:30) 
03. Hands That Pluck ( 2:39) 
04. The Sea Of Grief Has No Shores ( 7:53) 
05. Callus And Cicatrix ( 9:45) 
06. Somnium Ignis (11:20) 
07. Haruspication ( 2:16) 
08. I Know Thee Of Old (12:35) 
09. Ninety-Three ( 7:39) 
01. Some People Die ( 5:38) 
02. Validity ( 7:41) 
03. The Last Song ( 4:21) 
04. To Funk The Night Up By Its Shit ( 5:27) 
05. Roses In The Snow (Nico Cover) ( 5:14) 
06. Some People Fall (2011 Remaster) ( 6:33) 
07. The Validity Of Hate Within An Emotional Vacuum (2011 Remaster) ( 5:34) 
08. Permaneo Carmen (2011 Remaster) ( 5:34) 
09. To Pluck The Night Up By Its Skin (2011 Remaster) ( 8:17)


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